Editorial Curator - Wealth Management

IT - IT Support & Sales
Toronto, ON
Jan 28, 2022

Our client is leading software development company. 

The role:

The Editorial Curator is responsible for using the publisher feeds, content management platform, and editorial and marketing judgement to curate and publish financial management and wellness related articles, infographics, and videos into the marketing communication platform.


A typical day involves a mix of curatorial judgment, data entry, reading, writing, and some client interaction.

Must have:

  • The ability to multitask using multiple tools, including a content management system and a fast-evolving technology platform, are essential for this position.
  • Experience with wealth management/financial wellness content marketing would help lead to success in this role.
  • Candidate will also be responsible for curating articles from our licensed French publications, managing a translation workflow, and writing/editing a weekly news update – determining theme, choosing associated articles, and composing an introduction.
  • Identify and document both topic and consumption preferences of various audience segments, and iteratively test and refine based on available data
  • Maximize content engagement; apply appropriate analytics to gauge effectiveness and adapt ongoing efforts •
  • Stay informed pf relevant policies to ensure the security and privacy of data
  • Import publisher feeds and select articles for publication • Review performance and engagement metrics •
  • Manage translation workflow/review and edit translated materials (if needed)
  • Collaborate with other departments such as Client Success, Sales, and Product Development to serve users and prospective customers and firms as well as develop and act on content and communication metrics
  • Browse news publisher feeds and/or websites to choose appropriate articles and/or videos for the AdvisorStream content library
  • Use a Content Management System (CMS) to enter content information and submit for moderation/publication Curation / Content Management System Administration
  • Manage the creation of publisher categories within the CMS
  • Complete content item creation and submit for approval via a workflow •
  • Using text, images, and/or video provided by corporate platform users, create custom content and publish within the AdvisorStream CMS
  • Submit for user review and communicate with users on any required edits •
  • Work with enterprise and individual users on edits, special requests, and ensure approvals are given in according to schedules

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