Network Security Administrator

IT - Systems Integration
Oakville, ON
Feb 21, 2020

Our client in Montreal is seeking a qualified Network Administration Consultant.  The documentation developed as part of deliverables is to be written in English. For the day-to- day communications, English or French is acceptable. Fluency in French preferred. 

The Services listed in the scope will be carried out on Client’s Network Infrastructure that includes the following:


HP (70%), Cisco (10%), Dell PowerConnect (10%), enterasys (10%)

Windows is mostly used with servers and endpoints, a few Linux servers are deployed at each site

•Wireless Technologies: Cisco Meraki, HP, Ubiquiti, NPS, 802.1x

•Virtual Environment:  95% VMware. 5% Microsoft Hyper-V

•Firewalls: FortiGate 60, 80, 90, 100, 101, 110, 200, 300, FortiWifi 50, 60, FortiAnalyzer VM

•IT Applications & Security Technologies: 2FA: Duo Security, Endpoint protection: Carbon Black, PAM: Thycotic

Deliverables for the role: 

  • 802.1x Compliance - The Consultant is to assess the current state of the 802.1x deployed configuration over Client’s network infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements to ensure that all network switches have adequately implemented 802.1x for end-user access. The Customer will also assist in the deployment of recommended configurations
  • Network Segmentation - The Consultant is to segregate systems in separate VLANs as may be needed, for example, isolating management consoles in a specific VLAN. The Consultant will design and document the desired end-state and, once approved, will deploy the new network configurations.
  • Firewall Rules review – Consultant will review the rule base on Client’s firewalls for security, effectiveness and consistency. Redundant, insecure or unused rules should be identified and removed. Consultant will document the rule base
  • Deployment of 2FA solution - The Consultant is to assist with the deployment of the 2FA solution from Duo Security among network devices. The Consultant will produce system documentation as needed.
  • Network Documentation - The Consultant will update current documentation and diagrams describing the network architecture and configuration at sites. Network diagrams are to be produced with Microsoft Visio.
  • Asset Inventory - The Consultant is to assist with taking an inventory of network devices using the asset discovery tools available. The inventory is to be added to Client’s inventory database. The Consultant will develop procedures for the sites to keep their inventory up to date.


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