Solution Specialist

IT - Application & Software Development
Toronto, ON
Dec 05, 2019

Our client is a leading government healthcare agency.  Located in downtown, they are seeking an FHIR Specialist to work closely with Architecture and Standards. This is a 12 month contract with high probability of renewal.

The solution specialists works with the architecture team on engagement and exploration with internal teams and external teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of eReferral related deliverables (Hubly message hub standardization, clinical document repository similar to “Dropbox”, use of AVRO schemes)

The Role:

•        Plan and deliver prototype(s) to support standardized eReferral integrations into Point of Service systems.

•        Analyze developments in specific sections of eReferral to determine the need for revisions in previously published materials and development of new material (e.g. eReferral FHIR Implementation iGuide and Service Catalog)

•        Support foundational planning for standardized eReferral integrations into Point of Service systems, Viewlet integration framework (form framework), eConsult and eServices to advance ONE Access workflow

•        Create API pipeline to support efficiency of publishing and updating current APIs (e.g. to new FHIR versions)

•        Architecture engagement with Identity and Access solutions such as oAuth 2.0

•        BPM modeling for micro transactional services to enable workflows

•        Develop pub and sub mechanisms through web sockets

•        Data aggregator leveraging modern non-relational data bases

Experience and Skills

•        Demonstrated knowledge/experience working with health care IT solutions, particularly in the context of service directories, eReferral and clinical data repositories.

•        Able to define, maintain and monitor architectural principles, procedures and practices in support of the business and technological vision of the organization.

•        Minimum 8 years of IT related experience including Architecture, Software Development, Software QA, etc.

•        Expertise and experience architecting integrated solution architectures from Business, Conceptual, Logical and Physical levels.

•        Experience with data modeling, ETL solutions and experience in developing data architectures.

•        Experience developing and implementing architectures and solutions using REST and Web Oriented Architectures. 

•        Strong knowledge of Kafka, Kubernetes (containerization).

•        Knowledge of HL7® FHIR® standards and the application in provincial EHR solutions.

•        Superior facilitator, negotiator and communicator - both orally and written, and be able to produce clear and concise documentation including presentation material, design/architecture documents and training material.

•        5+ years’ experience with public sector architecture frameworks, interoperability standards, and architecture and standards governance, is preferred.

•        Specialty with Identity and Access solutions such as oAuth 2.0

•        Experience with modern web technologies and frameworks such as Angular/React, NodeJS

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