Full Stack Architect

IT - Application & Software Development
Mississauga, ON
Jun 20, 2019

Key Responsibilities:


  • Act as a “hands on” developer & architect responsible for the continuous improvement of the Company’s intranet portal (which includes Microsoft SharePoint), working with project stakeholders on a daily basis including Company employees as well as any 3rd party software vendors and/or outside consultants.  Support the Company’s mission, vision, core values and customer service philosophy.


  • Deliver high quality solutions and sites with due regard for the quality of the user interface and the overall user experience with the product.  Projects will include (but will not be limited to):
    • Usability improvements on existing solution
    • Net new solutions
    • Mobile integration
    • 3rd party system integration
    • BI reporting
    • Homepages, workflows, forms


  • Work closely with an internal Business Analyst/Project Manager, translating business requirements into system based functionality, making recommendations on best business practices, and planning and executing projects from inception to implementation.


  • Participate in system projects as a team member and/or team leader as required.


  • Respond, resolve and follow-up on all project-related issues.


  • Projects will encompass full solution delivery lifecycle including architectural review/planning (e.g. business, data, application, integration, security, etc.), application design, the drafting of technical specifications, actual hands on development work (coding), testing, deployment, etc. as part of SDLC framework.


  • Build prototypes and assist in any required data migration while maintaining technical integrity and consistency.


  • Continually strive to improve the efficiency and usability of corporate intranet solutions, leveraging ongoing research and understanding of business needs.


  • Act as a mentor to the Company’s existing SharePoint admin/development resource, providing assistance as required and transferring knowledge as needed.




  • Document all development work deployed on the platform (including new solutions and enhancements/additions) in a clear, understandable, precise and professional manner.  Documentation should include as applicable:
    • Architecture Diagram
    • Database diagram
    • Services overview
    • Application walk through/101 instructions
    • Installation Instructions
      • If can be done, create installation package and scripts
    • Clean code of debug information and create release level build
      • Inline code documentation


  • Assist with the planning, configuration, testing and successful deployment of SharePoint version upgrades as part of the intranet platform.


  • Assist in the implementation of third party IT tools and applications.



Skills & Experience:


  • Post-secondary degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other relevant educational background.


  • 7-10 years of relevant experience with a proven track record of delivering quality solutions that meet business requirements.


  • Broad and extensive knowledge of the software development process and its technologies including:
    • Computer languages: ASP.Net, C#, Java
    • HTML technologies and web frameworks.
    • Database creation and maintenance.
    • User interface development using languages such as CSS, HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, etc.
    • Strong coding background.


  • Understanding of core SharePoint constructs such as Master Pages, content types, site columns, lists, templates, page layouts, web parts, metadata etc. 


  • Strong analytical & problem solving skills.


  • Strong time management, multi-tasking skills.


  • Team player with excellent communication & interpersonal skills.


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