Java Team Lead

IT - Application & Software Development
Toronto, ON
Feb 19, 2018

To drive future growth, our client is dramatically scaling their platform to build new products. 

They want to hire a technical Team Lead that has a proven record of leading and influencing a massive technology overhaul using nothing but the best products, patterns, and practices and thrives in an agile environment!

They believe in decoupled, message-driven, and distributed systems. They strive to keep codebases small and manageable. The backend tiers are presently JVM-based. They are using or considering technologies like Angular, Bootstrap, Jersey for REST, Java 8, Scala, Kafka, Spark, Storm, Mongo, ElasticSearch, Docker, Ansible, and so on.

What you bring

  • 5-7+ years of web development under your belt
  • Expert in Java and the JVM
  • Used modern JS web frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS, etc)
  • Actively involved in, bring up and defend software design decisions
  • Mentor fellow Developers, share the experience and help them get better
  • Worked in an Agile environment, done Scrum, can take on Scrum Master role.
  • Stay up-to-date with new web technologies on the front and back end through self-study, blogs, meetups, conferences, etc.
  • Always have quality in mind and you employ community accepted testing principles, best practices, and tooling
  • You push for better Development Practices, better Code, better Solutions
  • Thrive in a highly collaborative company environment where agility is paramount
  • Pro-active with your technical training and stay up-to-date in such ways like participating in local meetups, blogging, or contributions to OSS.
  • Experience crafting responsive single page applications (SPA’s) using Angular and Bootstrap
  • Experience building distributed data platforms with high availability concerns and are easily horizontally scaled
  • Have put on Scrum Master hat recently
  • Knowledgeable with Continuous Integration & Delivery principles with an eye for automation
  • An interest or experience with various data ingestion, aggregation, and real time analytics solutions
  • Experience with older Enterprise Java tooling (we have to keep the lights on!) such as Websphere, Rational Application Developer, Hibernate, DB2, Spring, EJB, etc.
  • Experience with cryptography API’s and an understanding of PKI principles
  • Experience working in a PCI DSS certified environment

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